Leaders of the Kingdom and it's provinces, the royals are expected to defend the kingdom and keep their people safe. Whether or not they take to the field of battle, they are the ones to fund and raise armies, support their generals, and give orders to attack and defend. In times of peace they must ensure fairness, law and upkeep.

While the King or Queen is the leader they tend to address the nobility as equals and stress they are all needed to work together to better the kingdom and defend it.

Name: Gertrude Champion
Class: Baroness
Age: 33
Height: 6'2
Orientation:: Bi-Sexual, Lean
Position: Dom to Equal

Veteran of battles verses monsters and bandits, Gertrude is a serious warrior who fights with a pair of magical weapons, Cold Edge the short sword that gives her power over ice and cold and Blaze Wing, a spear with the powers of fire and flame. She's can switch between weapons, or use them in concert surprising most her foes that she can control her large spear with one hand. In addition using them together she can crate tornadoes by making their powers clash. Finally her own armor is enchanted, making it more durable and lightweight.

Ranked among the most powerful warriors in Heartland, her province, Champion, is liable to be one of the first places attacked if the Empire of Terra launches an invasion against them. To this end she plans to be the immovable object in Terra's path if they ever attack.

One thing she is still longing for is a husband, someone she can come home to after her battles.

Name: Winterlynn Whitedawn VI
Class: Marquess
Age: 27
Height: 5'5
Orientation: Bi-Sexual, Lean
Position: Equal to Dom

The Whitedawns have ruled the city named after their family since just after it's founding. They founded the city, originally named Snow City, three hundred years ago as Heartland learned of the rise of the Terran Empire to ensure they'd have troops up north to counter an invasion. Then commander Jacob Whitedawn wound up in the front line when the invasion did occur, beating back a force meant to roll through Heartland's flanks, letting them repel the invasion. He was named Marquess right after the war and the city renamed in his honor.

His wife, Winterlynn, was a master mage who specialized in water and ice spells and it's been a tradition to name every first daughter after her 'Winterlynn' and every first son 'Jacob'. The current Marquess is the sixth woman in their line to bear the name Winterlynn, and is the single most formidable mage her line has ever had and bears the tradition of water and ice spells.

She has enchantments on a ring that makes her immune to the effects of cold and frost and heavily resists water and ice spells. Her personal guard carries identical rings, letting her cast massive winter storms in combat without hindering them. Her staff also acts as a focus and amplifier, making her magic more powerful. Unlike most of her line she also invests time learning fire and earth spells, to avoid overspecialization.

Winterlynn is a bit lazy when something doesn't interest her, but still rules fairly and well. She is generous and has opened her castle's door to shield people from storms in the north's winters. She also likes taking strolls in weather then would send most into their homes by their fireplaces. In addition she's a follower of the Faith of Life and never covers her tummy in support of her faith.

Name: Youta Tenkou
Class: Daimyo
Age: 24
Height: 5'4
Orientation: Straight
Position: Dom to Sub

Hailing from an exotic land, her first name can mean 'sun' or 'sunlight' and her last name can translate as 'heavenly lord'. She is the second child of the land's Daimyo and rightful second heir after her brother, however a coup found her father and brother slain, her mother forced into a marriage and her lands seized she found herself fighting back with a small band of loyalists. However in the end she and her followers failed and were forced to retreat, finding their way to Heartland.

Granted sanctuary in Heartland and living in Port Spearhead she originally acted as a leader of her forces, protecting the area with Heartland's own soldiers. However when she found the local governor was funneling funds to the Iron Fists bandit clan, as well as taking bribes from a Terran spy and exposed him she was granted his rank. It was meant to be a temporary position, but the Daimyo-in-exile took well to her new position and the once temporary position became permanent.

Her blade is the Kakkaken, or Burning Sword, a blade that ignites with the user's will, protecting the wielder from magical and non-magical fire and casting it's own from coating the blade with flames to waves of fire sent to her foes. She still seeks to return to her homeland and retake her lands but realizes it might be but a dream. For now she seeks a good man to carry her line on-wards.

Name: Elizabeth Earthbound
Class: Marchioness
Age: 13
Height: 5'0
Orientation: Straight
Position: Equal to Sub

The current youngest royal in Heartland, she was not supposed to ascend to her position. She was originally Elizabeth Clanway, the bastard child of Marquess Earthbound until he, his wife and two sons went down to inspect Fortress Francis seven months ago and was assassinated by a Terran spy who was killed by the Marquess, but not before poisoning him. With his dying breaths he told a knight of an affair he had some years ago with a merchant and that he heard nine months later she bore a daughter.

Once they found the woman and confirmed her daughter was of his blood Elizabeth was asked to assume his throne. She did so with a bit of reluctance.

Unlike her fellow royals she hasn't been groomed for the role of ruling since childhood and has needed a crash course is understanding policy, etiquette, self defense and understand the matters of the military. She had learned much about economy under her mother, but she has since needed to learn it from a new perspective.

This has all made her a bit of a 'weak link' in the Heartland leadership, but the Queen has assured she would have the correct aides to rely on and teach her what she needs to know. In addition she has been given the Guardian's Glaive, a polearm able to create force fields in front of the user that can stretch for several yards at the cost of defensive power. In addition she has been found to have a talent for dark magics, a rarity among the nobility.

Soft spoken and a bit shy, she nevertheless seems wise beyond her short years and is eager to prove her worth. The people whom she rules over seem to adore her as well, often calling her 'The Good Young Lady'.

Name: Victoria Skylander IV
Class: Countess
Age: 25
Height: 5'11
Orientation: Straight
Position: Dom to Equal

Three hundred years ago the Skylanders were merely part of the peasantry. When Terra attacked four brothers and three sisters took up arms to defend their land. In the end only the eldest brother, Victor Skylander, survived the war. Using a collection of battered soldiers, armed villagers and a bit of luck he and his siblings cut off Terra's supply line into the mainland, stopping their army dead in their tracks. After the war King Francis Heartland named Victor Count of the territory, renaming it after his family.

Named for the famed war hero, Victoria is the heir of the Skylander legacy and has spent a lifetime building her martial skills. Learning under the best teachers in swordsmanship, jousting, horsemanship, hand to hand combat, archery and javelin throwing she is a formidable combatant.

To further enhance her battle prowess she has had her sword and shield enchanted, the aptly named Heaven's Edge which summons the power of lightning to it's blade, and the Heaven's Aegis, a nearly unbreakable shield that reduces the force that strikes it by a factor of ten allowing her to block a ballista bolt with ease.

She is headstrong and capable, but sometimes overconfident. She has a desire to prove her worth to her family and to destroy the Terran Empire and end it's tyranny, charging forwards upon her prized steed Challenger.

She is considering a romance with a fine man. Someone that she can return to after her journeys and battles and be pampered by...

Name: Melissa Hightower
Class: Duchess
Age: 19
Height: 5'5
Orientation: Straight
Position: Dom to Equal

After the death of her mother to an illness, Melissa has taken over as Duchess of the Hightower Province in the west. She keeps her people deployed in an effort to stamp out bandits that plague trade routes, steadily pushing them back. She sees it as the noble's right to indulge in fine foods, fine wines and fine men, but also knows it comes with the price of making sure the common people are safe and secure, and she takes her job seriously.

She has even moved to visit her armies in the field and fought alongside them. She is an apt hand with a rapier and often uses a parrying dagger in tandem with it.

She is unwed but keeping her eye out for prospects, to the irritation of her uncle and adviser.

Name: Belle Silverblade
Class: Grand Duchess
Age: 34
Height: 5'11
Orientation: Bi-Sexual, Lean
Position: Dom to Equal

Ruler of the Silverblade Provence, the second most economical powerhouse in heartland save the Heartland Provence itself, she is one of the oldest current rulers in the country and has served well these many years. She succeeded her father's rule ten years ago and has proven to be as evenhanded and fair a ruler as he was.

The Grand Duchess is also a relative to the Heartland's; she's first cousin to Queen Heartland herself. This makes her the third in line for the throne. She would be queen if anything would happen to the Queen and Crown Princess, but she honestly has no desire to take that crown. Ruling over Silverblade is more then enough for her.

She is trained in the rapier, but prefers the bow and arrow like her father. She enjoys the odd hunting trip as well with friends and family. She's calm and collected, but has no issue showing that under the feminine silk is a will of steel. Kind and loving, she is married but her and her mage husband have agreed to an open marriage.

She has two younger lovers, and he four. She also has two sons and a daughter; all of which are her husband's, although he's joked that sooner or later another man is going to plant seed....

Name: Adora Heartland
Class: Princess
Age: 17
Height: 5'7
Orientation: Bi-Sexual, Lean
Position: Equal to Sub

During her travels through the western boarders of her Kingdom, Jessica Heartland found a beautiful baby girl floating down a river in a basket. She didn't know what the pointy eared thing was, but took it home. All the baby had with her was a purple blanket with three golden triangles woven into it, a circlet of some sort and a small note that read "To whomever so finds this child, please do what I cannot and protect this, my adored daughter."

Naming the baby 'Adora' she took her in and raised her as her own adoptive daughter, next to Mary. While her exotic appearance has given her some detractors, Adora is still beloved by most of the people of Heartland, although she is not in line for the throne.

Adora has a natural affinity for elemental magic, casting fire, earth, wind, lightning and water based spells. In addition she's very well versed in light magic and trained in her mother's sword style. For her sixteenth birthday she was given a magical weapon, Wisdom's Grace which can summon protective shields and amplify her magical abilities. She is soft spoken, if firm in tone, and wise beyond her years. For a man she wants someone strong, but also someone who will think before acting.

Name: Mary Heartland
Class: Crown Princess
Age: 18
Height: 5'4
Orientation: Straight
Position: Equal to Sub

Daughter to Queen Jessica Heartland, the Princess is a soft spoken, gentle soul who seeks peace and prosperity for her people. She loves the commoners and they love her in return. Her beautiful looks and gentle nature has made her many admirers and some of the higher ranking men in the nobility and military entertain asking her for her hand. She herself is considering taking a man of lower rank as a lover, one of the middle class or a solider of minor rank. She does admit, however, that the idea of a knight or duke romancing her isn't unpleasant.

While she is a gentle soul she is also the single most powerful user of light magic known, and if pressed could be a force to be reckoned with. She can cast every spell the light has and is able to heal the mortally wounded to full health, if needed. However she might be too gentle and kind to truly fight with everything she possesses.

Name: Jessica Heartland
Class: Queen
Age: 43
Height: 5'9
Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Position: Dom to Equal

Her Royal Highness. A master swordswoman. A master light mage. Wielder of the sword 'Sun Singer'. She maybe the most powerful combatant living today.

Looking as young as her daughter thanks to a combination of training and magic, she is a powerful warrior. Loved by allies, feared by foes, her sword lets her channel pure light to attack and defend, amplifying her own powerful magic. While she is a kind, generous soul she is ruthless in combat and will kill without a second thought if her people were threatened.

She considers the Empire of Terra to be a plague on the world in need of removing, but also recognizes that in the current situation an attack on her foes might not succeed leaving them in a weakened position. For now she awaits her opportunity, be it the correct champion, new weapon or spell or even something within Terra itself.

Her Husband had passed on, the older man falling ill on a diplomatic mission, and dying on the way home years ago. She's not looking to remarry, but is not opposed to finding a lover. Or two.