The nobility of Terra is the upper crust; the leaders and cream of the crop. Many are involved in the military, commanding parts of the army or navy. Others mind towns and land, trade or the gathering of resources. Some, even, are able to do little more then snob with others.

Many laws enforce their power and command over the peasants, and the Blackblood family is the most powerful of them all. Daughters of the Blackblood clan have been married off to other nobles as a sign of status or as a reward. Many of them keep harems of slave girls.

Noblewomen are also the only women without fear of being raped and, if they so wish, may even rape the women of the lower classes.

Their collective power is enough of a threat to keep most ideas of invasion of their land a dream.

For now.

Name: Hector Blackblood
Class: Emperor
Age: 30
Height: 6'4
Orientation: Straight
Position: Dom

The current Emperor of Terra, Hector the Terrible, is as dark and evil as any of of his ancestors. A master swordsman in his own right, he commands legions of loyal men who he encourages to impregnate women in the hopes of raising greater numbers. He keeps a large harem of women that he uses as he pleases, and kills when he becomes bored with them. Only his wife, Gwen, is safe from his sword; but not his wrath.

He has no love for anyone but himself, and no goal but sex and power. His sword is said to be magical, but no one knows for sure, nor do they wish to find out. He has a special lust for his opposite in Heartland, Queen Jessica. He has even had blonde women dress up as her for him to rape then kill.

He is a devout follower of the Three Sacred Lords of Heaven, Korin more then any other. He even keeps a small shrine dedicated to him in his bedroom.

While cunning he is not a superb tactician, but thinks of himself to be a better commander than he is; injecting himself into military matters even when best left alone.

Name: Gwen Highwind Blackblood
Class: Empress
Age: 17
Height: 5'4
Orientation: Straight
Position: Sub

Former Princess of Highwind, a small island kingdom, it was attacked five years ago by Terra and conquered, despite assistance from Heartland. Hector had her parents, the King and Queen killed then took Gwen as his own, marrying her in a farce ceremony to make the transition 'easier' for the people of Highwind, not changing the fact that their men had been killed or enslaved, and their women raped.

At first she was defiant to him. Then she was raped before the women of her country...

Only a few months later she was broken into a shell of what she once was, a toy to be used as Hector desires.

Name: Peter Blackblood
Class: Prince
Age: 28
Height: 6'4
Orientation: Stright
Position: Dom

Younger brother to Hector, ten years ago the two dueled to see who would be Emperor of Terra. It was a hard, long battle but Hector the elder won. Despite his disappointment, the spared Peter swore allegiance and his skills as a general. However Peter's ambition isn't dead yet...

Like his brother he is a competent and ruthless ruler, but isn't as strong, skilled or fast. What he does have is a few members of the nobility willing to back him if the throne was ever vacated...

After all, something could happen to the brother of Peter the Bloody.

Name: Shiva Moonheart
Class: Viscountess
Age: 307
Height: 6'1
Orientation: Bi-Sexual, Lean
Position: Dom

Few Terran women can gain the level of power that Viscountess Shiva has acquired. She is a sister of Emperor Luther Blackblood, married off at age thirteen to a wizened wizard. Taking his name she learned all she could from him, bore him a son and when she suspected she would be killed for a younger wife she poisoned his wine. Blaming the death on her then fourteen year old son, saying he wanted his father's power, she watched as he was executed.

She kept the name Moonheart as she established herself, taking her late husband's books and learning more and more magic. By age thirty she came up with a new, dark spell. By taking the life energy from a soul of a slave she could extend her own lifespan. By age thirty five she had barley aged a day.

With her long lifespan established she gathered more wealth while courting other nobles, sleeping with many, before marrying another noble, the Lord of Swordpoint City. A son was born three years later and her second husband died of a 'sudden' heart attack. She assumed control of Swordpoint City while other nobles bickered for control over it.

Knowing she would have her post as Lady of Swordpoint City taken from her if she didn't act she went straight to then Emperor Gregory the Firm, played a game of seduction and asked him for control of Swordpoint City for one year. If he found her rule to his liking she would remain at the post until her death. If not she would relinquish it to any man he chose. He agreed.

She brewed a magic potion that was designed to increase the vigor of those who drank it. Having it fed to the slaves the iron and copper mines saw an increase of half output and work on military projects nearly doubled. Gregory was impressed enough to keep to the deal and name her Viscountess.

And with her extended lifespan the rule of Shiva 'No Heart' has been an ongoing, brutal one and maintains a harem of both men and women. She is cold, willing to sacrifice family and allies for her betterment and has married her five sons and eight daughters off for political clout; she is in fact Hector's ancestral aunt and grandmother.

As a sorceress she is powerful and viscous, wielding dark magic like a wild blade. However she much prefers to kill with the subtle touch of a poison and never let her kills be known...

Name: Silver Warbound
Class: Baron
Age: 24
Height: 6'1
Orientation: Straight
Position: Dom

Baron Warbound rules his patch of Terra from Fortress Dragon's Maw, the first line of defense if the Empire's enemies tried to launch a naval attack against them. To this end, Silver has been given the best training his father could afford since he was four. Now he wields his family blade, the Warbound itself. The sword is magically enhanced, allowing it to cut through almost anything in a single stroke; only other magical weapons and armor can resist it.

He is fast, strong and intelligent, but unlike most of his peers he has a sense of honor; preferring one to one duels and unlike many of his peers he will not rape a woman, instead treating them with every bit of respect as he gives other men. Which still means he'll kill them if he feels the need.. If he makes an oath he will hold to the word of it, even if he neglects the spirit of the promise.

He is married and in love with his wife.

Name: Eric Calamity
Class: Duke
Age: 42
Height: 6'5
Orientation: Straight
Position: Dom

Duke Calamity has ruled Fort Fist for over twenty years now. Known across the Empire as 'The Hell's Punishment' he is in charge of pacifying any uprisings and rebellions in the towns and villages in Terra's south. He goes to this duty with glee, ordering as many caught alive as possible before assembling them, finding the prettiest or highest ranked woman in the rebel ranks and raping her before slitting her throat before them. Afterward he'll have the men killed, the children sent to slavery with the remaining females passed between his men and friends.

He lives in a large manor with his harem of trained whores and slaves, not allowing them any clothing as he sips wines and eats fruits.