Map of the Alder and Terran Continents

The religion of Terra is based on the Three Sacred Lords of Heaven, the God of Discipline, the God of Domination and the God of Conquest. No other faiths, gods or goddesses may be worshiped in Terra under threat of punishment; often flogging. The worst punishment is to be tied to a pole and have your hands and feet nailed into it. This is often done in what is known as the Field of Bones, where several of these poles still stand, many with the skeletons of past victims.

Korin, the God of Discipline demands that his followers dedicate themselves to becoming stronger and more knowledgeable while remaining under the command of those above them. There are three main tenants of his faith.

Discipline of the Self: To better oneself through gaining power, might and standing. To become as powerful as one can through his own efforts.

Discipline of the Servant: To acknowledge those above you and bend knee to them. To know your status and not rise above it too soon, and remember this discipline when one rises in the ranks.

Discipline of the Commander: To direct those below you and enforce your authority over them. To use them as you would a tool; to sharpen, to strike and if needed to discard. And if one cannot maintain authority then to be brought low as others move over you.

As such he is a god that loves structure and it's rigid enforcement. Those that rise too soon or without proving themselves to those above them are to be beaten down into submission. Slaves are meant to stay slaves until they understand their place and how to prove their worth.

He is depicted as a bald, bearded old man in robes with a stick in one hand and a long flog in the other.

Tora, the God of Domination meanwhile demands that one enforces their will upon others. While this can mean those above you it's often directed at those below; people in the lower statuses which, in Terra, means slaves and women. To rape, beat or steal from those below you is natural and forces them to toughen up lest it repeat.

The fact that one can challenge and dominate ones above you clashes with the Discipline of the Servant that Korin preaches, however if that person cannot show the Discipline of the Commander then they are not fit to be your superior, meaning you can bring them down in order to rise to their station. That said, too much ambition or choosing a target too powerful is not advised. The goal, says Tora, is to leech strength from those weaker until he who is over you is weaker then you.

Tora is portrayed as a bare chested man with large muscles but also a large belly, with a goatee and waist length braided hair.

Uras, the God of Conquest, is the one that leads the Three Sacred Lords of Heaven. He demands that people spread out and take territory, build and thrive, then claim more land. If the land is owned, kill the owners.

He demands his followers march to war and raids on enemies and if one runs out of enemies then find more. As rewards he hold up glory, plunder and the cries of fear and pleasure of the women you take and steal. He holds up places of honor in his hall for the dead as you consume the feast of war and seizure of territory, treasures and glories. He himself wants a world of war, where the fire only subsides to let the sides rearm. And when one nation rules all he will divide them into smaller territories to watch the war erupt again...

He is depicted as a massive man in heavy, plate armor with spikes along the arms, shoulders and legs, a massive battle axe in one hand, a massive claymore in the other, his head hidden under a helm save for red, glowing eyes...

While other faiths outside of the Three is banned in Terra that hasn't halted civilians, trampled under heel, from praying to other faiths for salvation. While Terresa and Osin are the most common in the underground temples there is one other goddess that is prayed to...

Carrin, the Goddess of Peace. She has been prayed to since the founding of Koldos and while Terra has done it's best to stamp her worship out it hasn't. She wants peace for the world; a world where conflict can be dissolved with words, not swords. Sadly, she is a goddess of non-violence and such peaceful tactics are unable to dislodge Terrans from the land. Depicted as a motherly woman with pink hair and eyes, a soft smile and always nude save a crown of daises her followers have banded together to form the Path to Peace.

Founded by current Pope Robert Olsen he and his followers have fled to the south west of the content, using forests for cover. There they spent ten years tunneling through rock and soil to the bottom of a beach that would be inaccessible otherwise due to the sheer cliff walls. Under cover of night they created an odd craft; a submersible ship that would sink just under the waves.

Without sails they used intimate knowledge of the currents of the region and water magic to drift towards what has been dubbed Haven Atoll, a small atoll just south of Heartland. From there merchant craft can go and pick up refugees and take them to Ports Waker or Spearhead.

The Imperial Intelligence Office knows that someone is smuggling people from Terra, but don't know how or from where. They suspect the south end of Terra, but with so much land to cover they cannot risk stumbling about blindly. They do know that the Faith of Peace is the main culprit and have sent in agents to root them out, but have yet to have any luck.

Queen Jessica Heartland has had agents slip into Terra from the passage, but has dismissed the possibility of using it as a staging point for an invasion; the passage was too narrow to move large masses of people through quickly, leaving ships vulnerable to attack, and they would still need to march from the south to the north right into Terra's formidable defenses. Worse still she knows Terran agents are spying on her people; a wrong word to the wrong ear could not only cut an invasion short, but also the backdoor in. At best she sees it as a way to open up a flank for another plan.

Until then she can still send in her own spies.