As powerful as the Terran nobility are they need members of their military to carry out their orders and execute there whims. These people move up in favor and status by being the best, the most ruthless or just lucky enough.

As one might expect in Terra only the most brutal and dark are given authority, and these that make a name for themselves have proven what horrors they can unleash. As the spear and shield of the empire, they fight and die at their master's whims.

Name: Fredrick Nightmare
Class: Black Knight
Age: 37
Height: 6'7
Orientation: Straight
Position: Dom

Knight General and Commander of Terra's military, Fredrick the Horror is a master combatant, second only to The Emperor in Terra. He is also a master strategist, but is often forced to adapt his plans whenever Hector injects himself into the tactics. He is still loyal to the end, a fact that Hector has noted and given him more military authority then his own brother.

Not much else is know save his sword, 'Night Weaver', is said to posses powerful, dark magic.

Name: Lester Grimm
Class: Archmage
Age: 52
Height: 5'7
Orientation: Straight
Position: Dom

Called 'Grim' Reaper, Lester is one of if not the best shadow magi alive today. Loyal to Hector Blackblood he enjoys inflicting pain and suffering on people, and is often looking for new ways to use magical power. Although he could, in theory, overthrow his Emperor he prefers severing under him, preferring to spend his time fashioning twisted new spells and torturing victims. He is looking to create monsters, demons and beasts for his lord, but he is by no means a fool; he refuses to unleash anything he cannot control.

In addition to his dark magic he is an able hand to hand fighter in addition to being able to create dark magical construct in the shape of a scythe to fight with.

Name: ?
Alias: Darkheart the Horror
Class: Necromancer
Age: 329
Height: 6'5
Orientation: Pan-Sexual
Position: Dom

Hundreds of years ago Terra experimented with the idea of raising the dead; bringing corpses to life as zombies, skeletons and more to fight after death.

The results; the near loss of Hammerstone City to the detention of massive magic, thousands dead and one of their people becoming an undead sorcerer. No longer knowing his past he has dubbed himself Darkheart the Horror. Aside from potent shadow magics he is able to create magical creatures. They take the form of skeletons, zombies and golems made of bone. He is not able to just cast a spell on a dead body and raise it to fight for him; he needs time to cast a ritual that will create his undead armies. However only the largest of his creations pose a threat, the zombies and skeletons are quite weak and are only fit for cannon fodder.

He is a cunning master of magic and tends to use his creations to defend himself while attacking from afar. After all, who cares if his minions die again? He can make more.

Name: Mark Harper
Class: Brute
Age: 39
Height: 7'0
Orientation: Straight
Position: None

Mark was a captive Highwind soldier used in another one of Terra's magical experiments. They attempted to find out how much they could magically enhance someone and used the Highwind soldier since they expected it would go wrong and kill him in their first test.

However the ritual turned out to be costly in materials for the enhancing, taxing on the thirty magi used for it, and reduced him to a mindless, soulless drone.

While the experiments were shelved, more due to cost and effort then the part of 'mindless drones', Mark Harper was given a new horrifying look to frighten his foes and a moniker, the Brute. His skin is as hard as steel, he boasts the strength of thirty men and he is tireless. Once told to do something he will stride forth until it's done. Unable to even be drowned he carved paths of destruction in his wake.

His only weaknesses are that he tends to move in a lumbering, clumsy manner and his utter mindlessness. He is incapable of cunning or deceit.

Name: Sir William McLord
Class: Governor
Age: 67
Height: 5'11
Orientation: Straight
Position: Dom

Appointed by Emperor Hector Blackblood as Governor of Highwind, William McLord is a depraved individual. He enjoys raping any female he can, but enjoys young girls the most, usually around age ten.

His family has always been faithful to the Blackblood dynasty from the occupation of Terra to the present day and his sons are in the Empire's military, his first born a commander.

He is an able warrior, but age has not been kind to him so he must rely on experience and skill as opposed to speed and strength.

Alias: Jodah the Father
Real Name: Johnathan Rictor
Class: Patriarch
Age: 51
Height: 6'0
Orientation: Straight
Position: Dom

Johnathan entered the Church of the Three at the age of fourteen as a beaten youth, crying in despair at his lot in life and begging the Three for guidance and answer. The local priest slapped him to the floor.

"There is no salvation in begging, nor crying, boy." He was told. "You want to stop the beatings? Learn the Tenants of Discipline!" And so started his training as an altar boy. By age sixteen he had become strong and tough enough to beat back would be foes or be too much trouble to beat. By eighteen he was a priest himself.

When the old priest left to retire he took over the church. By age twenty-five he was made a bishop and by age twenty-seven a cardinal. When he was thirty the current Patriarch died and it was time to select a new one. After two weeks (And four deaths) he took his place, renaming himself Jodah the Father, the title a reminder that the youth need to be taught to be strong.

He is a firm believer of 'spare the rod spoil the child' and is more then willing to beat lessons into children, but overall honestly cares for them, in his own way. Even so he has raped a young girl in front of some of his charges to show them how a female should be taken.

Name: ?
Aliases: Tomas Wings, Luke Feather, Justin
Hakwe, Gregory Dove, Samson Lift
Code Name: Eagle Eye
Age: ?
Height: ? (Possibly between 5'8 and 6'1)
Orientation: Presumed Straight
Position: Any

Only a handful know his real name. Inside the Terran military intelligence he is only known as Eagle Eye. Almost no one knows what he really looks like as he preferred to meet with his head covered by a hood. It is suspected he dyes his hair to blend in or to assume new identities.

He speaks several languages, can mimic accents near perfectly, has a long list of skills that he can use to assume a new position and personality, all to spy on Heartland, look for openings or even silently eliminate 'problems'. He is Terra's best covert operative, and Heartland's lack of information on his is troubling. In addition he selects bandit bands to direct funds to, and also locates people to payoff for information.

He is capable with swords, daggers, staffs, bow and arrows, throwing knives, darts and unarmed combat as well as having a hidden deployable blade under each wrist, in addition to poisoning his weapons. Often, however, he kills before his target knows he was in danger.

Name: Jason Keeper
Class: Pirate
Age: 26
Height: 5'8
Orientation: Straight
Position: Dom to Equal

Captain Jason Keeper, better known as Jason the Crimson for his large red coat, is a pirate funded and supported by Terra. While he doesn't technically answer to the Blackblood clan, being a pirate and all, he still follows the emperor's will, mostly due to his policy of 'rape, raid and pillage' placing a reward of one hundred thousand gold pieces on his head in Heartland.

He lost his hand in combat during an attack on one of Heartland's smaller port towns to Countess Victoria Skylander the Fourth, having replaced it with a hook hand that's been augmented to block magical attacks. He still wants revenge for that and wants to rape and break the countess.

He is one of the deadliest swordsman sailing the waters today, preferring to use a cutlass as his weapon of choice. His ship is known simply as Bloodseeker.

Name: Walter Crusher
Class: Commodore
Age: 38
Height: 6'3
Orientation: Bi-Sexual, Lean
Position: Dom to Equal

He's loud, opinionated and loves to drink, but Commodore Crusher is the finest naval commander in Terra's navy. He loves to brawl and battle, testing his mettle against any foe he can find no matter how much bigger or stronger that person might be.

While he looks like a wild, barbaric man he is very cunning and smart. He is well educated and can behave when he wants to; he just prefers not to. He gets away with his wild drinking, partying and outspokenness because of his martial prowess, position, and the fact Hector considers him amusing. He captains the Empire's flagship, the huge man-o-war Imperial Terran Fleet (ITF) Hellcraft.

His massive sword is called Shark's Tooth. It's a wicked blade with power over water. While near useless when a body of water isn't around he's used it on the seas to good effect, sending crashing waves of the ocean into opposing ships.

Name: Logan Eye
Class: Inquisitor
Age: 27
Height: 5'9
Orientation: Bi-Sexual, Lean
Posituon: Dom

The inquisitors use surprise, faith and authority as their weapons. Logan 'The Seeing' Eye is among them, finding blasphemers, dissidents and rebels to neutralize, interrogate and execute. To be labeled a heretic is a near death sentence in Terra.

Logan loves interrogating women the most; sometimes using overwhelming pleasure while denying them orgasm... the next using a spiked dildo on them. Sadistic and cruel, he enjoys the pain and humiliation of others.

When not working he likes to read seized Heratland and Highwind literature. A part of him might even be jealous of their culture...

Race: Imps
Height: 3'1 to 3'9
Orientation: Anything
Position: Dom

Not even the most insane, dark and corrupt mage in Terra is crazy enough to try and summon a demon. In the past some have tried, but it never ended well.

So they made demons instead.

The Imps are disposable foot soldiers, literally made to fight and fuck. While small, never even hitting four feet in height, they are as strong as a full sized man. Combined with their small stature and agility they are a difficult foe.

However they have a desire to rape women that's so strong it will override any self preservation instincts and this weakness has been used to good effect. However if they get their hands on a woman they will rape her beyond her breaking point.

Worse, their cock sizes are larger than their stature would indicate, ranging from six inches to ten.

Worse still, their cum has an aphrodisiac effect that will make women feel greater pleasures, making their wills fade, and it lasts for several hours. Thankfully they are fielded in relativity small numbers, so the Empire can keep them under some control.

Name: Dominique Blackheart
Class: Sword Mistress
Age: 28
Height: 5'7
Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Position: Dom

It takes a special kind of woman to accept a land where females are treated as inferiors and raped at every turn. It takes a very special sort of woman to join that land's same military, become skilled enough no man has raped her since she was thirteen, and assume her own command.

Dominique is one of the few women to do this, and the only one to be commended by Emperor Blackblood; one of the few men she laid with willingly. A fast master of the blade she is a no-nonsense fighter with a score of kills to her name, and a willingness to rape anyone, male or female, under her.

It takes a special kind of woman to be as cold-hearted as she.

Name: Micheal Longriver
Class: Rebel Leader
Age: 23
Height: 5'10
Orientation: Straight
Position: Equal

Coming from a long line of rebels, Micheal rose to the rank of leader after his father was killed distracting an inquisitor's army. Since then he's made his base in the forests to the south, in a hidden cave system dubbed 'The Under Caste'. From there he organizes what men and supplies he has, and what troop movements he can observe. He's focused on stealing supplies, recruiting men and sending information out to Heartland.

He gained a massive scar on his face when struck with a fire spell, but returned the favor with one of his own, killing his attacker. In addition to elemental magic with a mastery of all fire spells he can get a hold of he is a formidable hand to hand combatant and users of bo staffs.

He is also in love with Gracelynn Hope.

Name: Gracelynn Hope
Class: Messiah
Age: 16
Height: 5'1
Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Position: Sub to Equal

Even if their faith is forbidden, Carrin worshipers hold onto their hope for peace. The Faith of Peace is still strong in the underground, and many see Gracelynn Hope as a messiah. She was born to a mother who swore she was not raped, nor laid with any man in a rebel camp.

She has extremely powerful light magic and would be considered superior to the Crown Princess of Heartland Mary, save that she cannot use the full range of light magic. She can create nearly impenetrable force fields, healing the near dead to full health, teleporting herself and others long distances (A feat that requires magic circles or items for other magicians) and even casts a massive spell to calm all nearby hearts and remove their rage and replace it with empathy.

Because of this latter ability the Emperor has declared her public enemy number one. Some of the current rebels are turncoats that her spell has caused. Hector's worst nightmare is that she'll use this spell on him or his inner circle fearing that it would cripple him. For now the magic defenses of his citadel prevent her from teleporting in.

She is currently the leader of the Faith of Peace, with even it's pope deferring to her. She is a pacifist to the point she will not eat meat, although any problems a lack of protein would cause does not effect her. She is polite, kind and wise beyond her years, but can't see the affection some of her followers have for her.