Map of the Alder and Terran Continents

The brutal laws of Terra are enacted to maintain control and authority over the land. Here are some notable ones.

The Law: Rape of women is legal starting at age seven.

The Reason for Enacting the Law: Made by Hugo Blackblood and adapted later by Walter Blackblood to add the stipulation that she must be age seven first; it encourages the impregnation of women and increases the population.

Punishment For Breaking It: Cannot be applied. Women are allowed to resist without punishment. From the state, anyway...

The Law: No woman may commit suicide.

The Reason for Enacting the Law: Founded by Orson Blackblood to avoid raped women from killing themselves and, thus, their children and potential children.

Punishment For Breaking It: If the suicide fails or is halted then she is locked into a pillory and force fed so men may rape her and her offspring can be collected. If she succeeded then her parents or offspring would be killed (If male) or beaten (If female). If no known family is found, then a friend will suffice.

The Law: Males fifteen and older are able to be conscripted into the military at any point by a ranking officer or a nobleman. He is to report for training as quickly as possible. Wages for base soldiers is above average for Terra.

The Reason for Enacting the Law: Made by Walter the Sound as a means to raise men-at-arms quickly in the event of an invasion. Since then, however, it's been used to pad out numbers for raiding parties and patrols. At times temporary conscription will be issued for parades to inflate army numbers.

Punishment For Breaking It: Punishments may include flogging, imprisonment, seizure of property and death.

The Law: Noblewomen are exempt from rape.

The Reason for Enacting the Law: Demand from his House of Nobles convinced Luther to amend the rape laws as the noble class had no intention of... sharing their wives or seeing their daughters taken.

Punishment For Breaking It: Flogging, removal of hands or death.

The Law: Prayer to the Three must be made in the nude, facing east while clucking like a chicken and spanking yourself.

The Reason for Enacting the Law: Unknown, however it was made by Walter the Sound's predecessor, the aptly named Maxwell the Mad.

Punishment For Breaking It: To be tickled until an apology is made. If no apology is made then s/he is to be tied to a comfy chair and tickled more. It's unknown if the law was ever enforced before it was removed from the books by Walter the Sound.

The Law: Blasphemy of the Three Sacred Lords of Heaven is forbidden.

The Reason for Enacting the Law: Made by Hugo Blackblood at the suggestion of then Patriarch of the Three, Zola the Commanding. It was made to enforce the worship of the Three in Terra and to keep people from speaking ill of them.

While honest discussion of which of the Three is more important, or if Church policy needs to be changed is tolerated for the most part, if you are disliked by those that hear it such charges maybe laid.

Punishment For Breaking It: An Inquisitor is usually dispatched to deal with the trouble maker. At best he gets off with a lecture of religious doctrine. At worst he is nailed to a pole and left to die. Other punishments maybe used at the Inquisitors suggestion.

The Law: If a slave is unable to work he must be taken to a healer. The owner will heed all reasonable advise until the slave is better.

The Reason for Enacting the Law: Walter the Sound enacted the law as an effort to maintain a steady population of slaves and avoid death by overwork.

Punishment For Breaking It: A small fine. Some owners have still killed their slaves to avoid it, and almost all investigations turn a blind eye.

The Law: The throne may seize any material or item needed for the military at any time.

The Reason for Enacting the Law: Orson Blackblood signed it into law when he learned one of his noblemen was hording copper that he wanted turned into bronze for ship building.

Punishment For Breaking It: None if the person offers no resistance. Otherwise he is fined after the resistance is... ended.

The Law: All petitioners to the throne must approach while skipping and calling himself a 'yankee-doodle-dandy'.

The Reason for Enacting the Law: Another law by Maxwell the Mad that would be repealed by Walter the Sound. No one knows how that man thought...

Punishment For Breaking It: To be thrown out of Blackblood City. How is to the guard's discretion.

The Law: All women must bathe once a day.

The Reason for Enacting the Law: Written by Karl the Lustful to make women more attractive. When told this wouldn't work as not all women could afford to he had public baths installed in every city, town and fort with a stock of bathing supplies accessable to the public issued by a quartermaster.

Punishment For Breaking It: The woman would be bathed forcibly and her head dunked under the water repeatedly until she is nearly drowned before being thrown onto the street, nude.

The Law: Prostitution is forbidden.

The Reason for Enacting the Law: Hugo Blackblood wrote it into law. No reason was given, but historians suspect he didn't want women to be paid for sex as he expected his men to take it.

Punishment For Breaking It: No charges has ever been filed. However if there are prostitutes, no one pays them.

The Law: All men must be able to read 'The Way of the Three' by age fourteen.

The Reason for Enacting the Law: Enacted by Walter the Sound, this was a follow up to his conscription laws; to ensure that conscripts would be able to read instructions, intercepted enemy letters and notes left by rebels.

Punishment For Breaking It: To be sent to a military boarding school and be forced to read or suffer a number of punishments.

The Law: The color pink is forbidden.

The Reason for Enacting the Law: Set up by Luther the Wicked after his failed invasion, he wanted to further stamp out further Carrin worship. Karl the Lustful added a stipulation that pink hair of natural origin and not dyed was permitted as it caused a number of women (Although still a vast minority) to be shaven bald or have their hair torched off.

Punishment For Breaking It: The offending pink object will be destroyed. The owner, if found, will be flogged.

The Law: All noblewomen must wear high heels.

The Reason for Enacting the Law: Karl the Lustful liked the effects heels had on the stride and posture for women. Also, it helped further separate the noble class women from the peasant class that was allowed to be raped, although no law forbidding high heels from the non-noble class exists.

Punishment For Breaking It: To have high heel boots strapped and locked onto your feet. Exceptions for pregnancy and back pain sufferers have been made.

The Law: All chickens are to be rounded up once a year and interrogated about rebel plots.

The Reason for Enacting the Law: Made by Maxwell the Mad, the only known reason for this law to exist was the fact Maxwell was insane.

Punishment For Breaking It: Rebel chickens will be caught, executed by beheading and cooked. Walter the Sound, once again, repealed the law.

The Law: Worship of any gods, goddesses or faiths other then the Three is illegal.

The Reason for Enacting the Law: Hugo Blackblood created the law to ensure that the Three Sacred Lords would be the dominant religion and shape his empire.

Punishment For Breaking It: Inquisitors from the Church of the Three will decide. They are never kind.

The Law: Pulling someone off a pole they are nailed to shall not be done.

The Reason for Enacting the Law: Orson Blackblood made the law when he moved to oversee the Field of Bones and saw peasants attempting to rescue the suffering victims. The law was made in order to prevent any more instances.

Punishment For Breaking It: To be nailed to a pole next to the one s/he tried to save.

The Law: No weapons may be owned unless you are in the military or nobility.

The Reason for Enacting the Law: Enacted by Walter the Sound after a sizable rebellion rose up in the south. The law was made to better control weaponry and prevent another revolt.

Punishment For Breaking It: To be killed with the weapon.

The Law: All literature must be approved by the Imperial Works Committee.

The Reason for Enacting the Law: Another law founded by Walter the Sound at the behest of the Church of the Three to curtail narratives that do not align with Terran values.

Punishment For Breaking It: Unapproved works will be destroyed. Further punishments will be considered by Church Inquisitors.

The Law: Magic can only be taught and learned by those approved of by the Imperial Magical Council.

The Reason for Enacting the Law: Made by Luther the Wicked after reviewing the southern rebellion he realized that the rebels had a number of magic users. This law was made to ensure only loyal citizens would have magical power.

Punishment For Breaking It: Up to the Magic Council's decision. Most of the time reeducation will be recommended.

The Law: All painting, sculptures and pieces of art not approved by or commissioned by the Imperial Works Committee or nobility is forbidden to be made.

The Reason for Enacting the Law: Petitioned by the Church of the Three for years before being approved of by Karl the Lustful. He also added a provision that this did not apply to any image of a nude woman.

His successor, Charles the Pious, removed that provision.

Punishment For Breaking It: The work shall be destroyed and implements used to create the work seized until an Inquisitor passes judgment.

The Law: All cats are to be named Simba, all dogs Todo, all hamsters Hamtaro, all rabbits Bugs and all cows Bob.

The Reason for Enacting the Law: The same as Maxwell the Mad had for making any law; he was called Maxwell the Mad!

Punishment For Breaking It: For the offended to be named Fuck Me In The Ass. Walter the Sound, once again may the Three bless his soul, removed that law.