Map of the Alder and Terran Continents

Race: Werewolves
Height: 5'6 to 6'6
Orientation: Anything
Position: Dom

No one is sure who created werewolves, but it is known that they were magically made by someone. Other civilizations have tried to eliminate the knowledge of werewolf creation, but it persists in the small, forbidden circles and in lost books.

Typically they do not grow much in height, but gain much muscle. Stronger then humans and faster with excellent hearing and eyesight, they operate in solo or small groups. They lose no intellect, but become slaves to their base desires; taking what, and at times who, they want and kill who they want. They are, in a sense, humans who have become animals, either through their own will or unwillingly.

They can be formed by a human being transformed by the spell or a bite bite from the infected. The Faith of Life can reverse the condition, but most flee to the woods before they can be cured. Regardless all werewolves bear a weakness to silver and enchanted weaponry.

In addition some enterprising mages of little morality have since tried to alter the magical formula to produce stronger werewovles or reduce the bestial instincts it imposes.

If one good thing is to be said about these creatures is that they are rare and causes problems far more minor when compared to other monsters.