Map of the Alder and Terran Continents

Race: Lizardmen
Height: 5'4 to 6'5
Orientation: Anything
Position: Dom

Lizardmen live in swamps and forests, just to the southwest of Heartland's boarders. Over the past few decades they have been moving into the kingdom, warring with the orcs for territory and hunting grounds. They are fewer in number then the orcs, but smarter. They are capable of forging bronze and iron weapons, but are still more primitive then humans. They are able to maintain steel weapons and armor that they scavenge and salvage.

Lizardmen reproduce asexually via oviposition, laying long eggs through their penis which expands once the lizardman 'ejaculates'. They can lay them in nests but prefer to lay them in the wombs of women, capturing them and raping them. They will then hold them for several weeks as the eggs hatch and the new lizardmen squirm out of their unwilling mothers.

The eggs are an inch and a half thick and four inches long and they will lay about seven to eleven of them in one sitting. Lizardmen will not lay eggs into a woman that another has laid eggs in and will not lay in or kidnap pregnant women. The new lizardmen have tiny teeth and blunt claws and cause little harm (But some discomfort) when they come out of the womb.

Despite rumors they do not eat humans, even after they're done using them for breeding; they let them go a fair distance from their dwellings; why they release them is still unknown.

Some are able to speak the human language, but it's an uncommon skill. However attempts at diplomacy with them rarely ends well, with the ambassadors being forced away. The interactions that have been positive gives a glimpse into their world view; they see themselves as a warrior race but with no cause to fight for and battle the orcs because 'they started it'.

They use human women as incubators because it speeds hatching at twice the rate and the sex is enjoyable. Some seem to accept the idea that rape is not right but they cannot enforce it on the others. The women are fed and not harmed; the lizardmen seem to have some respect for the humans of Heartland.

Between the fact that the lizards are not killing in the same way or numbers that orcs or the now gone pigmen have, and that diplomacy seems possible Heartland hasn't been as harsh on the lizardmen as they have the orcs; the fact that they are also fighting orcs doesn't hurt.

Four times lizaardmen have intervened in a bandit attack or orc raid, on behalf of the humans of Heartland. In one instance they took off with a woman, but she was returned four weeks later.