August 29, 2015: Massive, massive profile overhaul. Neocities site created to host bulk of profile, which has hit the RPC character limit in the past. Multiple characters added...

Heartland Civilian Characters Added: Katherine Idol - Actress, Zenith Faith - Temple Keeper, Vilda Stone - Baker, Blake Albert - Jeweler

Heartland Magician Characters Added: Helen Freebird - Bishop

Heartland Military Characters Added: Skye St. Cloister - Sniper, Hannelore Blitz - Wyvern Rider, Hisano Kusa - Mounted Archer

Heartland Royalty Character Added: Winterlynn Whitedawn VI - Marquess

Terran Characters Added: Shiva Moonheart - Viscountess, Jodah the Father - Patriarch, Logan Eye - Inquisitor, Micheal Longriver - Rebel Leader, Gracelynn Hope - Messiah

Bandit Characters Added: Kurtis Blade - Savage, Wilbert Walker - Highwayman, Haylee Sunrose - Striker, Kaylee Sunrose - Recruiter, Sami Wildflower - Lookout, Jamie Phalcity - Financier, Dominic Shadoweye - Zealot

Religions and history of Heartland and Terra added, as well as a selection of Terran laws. Information of Black Moon Raiders, Silver Winds and Iron Fists expanded.

July 1st, 2017: Quinn Fairfield - Gladiator added to Heartland Civilians.

September 4th, 2018: Added Irene Coxwell - Brothel Madame to Bandits: Silver Winds. Added Rinnie Foxcross - Whore to Heartland Civilians.