I intend to play as someone from Heartland. The sections of the Empire of Terra, Bandits and Monsters are there for world building and inspiration.

I am willing to play as any of the Silver Winds and their underlings time to time however.

Despite some of the women being listed as 'Straight' I can play them with with other women, but they will be more reluctant.

While I lean away from rape scenes I am willing to do them, if they are interesting or just sexy enough. However I will say it now; bets are I will say no.

I might be able to play as two characters at once, but I'd rather focus on one; I can do it but it will not be often.

I don't expect perfect spelling or grammar, just decent. At least high school level though

Post length should be at least semi-para. Longer is fine and I'll match you as best I can.

Player is not well versed in T1 Combat but is willing to try, if it helps the roleplay. I would rather pick a winner and loser from the outset though.

In the above case I should point out; if you expect your character to beat mine it has to be a character that I can see doing it. A character that can beat Gina Forest still might not have a hope in hell of beating Jessica Heartland.

Do not start by posting a scene. You may start by posting an idea, with the name of which girl you want to play with.

Speaking of which, have an idea of what you want to do if you PM me. I want to hear what your idea is right away. We can brainstorm if I don't like your idea.

If your character also hails from a medieval style fantasy land like Heartland we can act with your kingdom being located to Heartland's west (If friendly and trading with Heartland), across to the sea to the southeast (If hostile), or to the south (If neutral).

I prefer story with my sex. Sometimes I want more story, sometimes less. I am able to do Rps where time is spent building up to the sex, and ones where we just start doing it.