This world has a Calendar identical to our world's. For the sake of simplicity.

Princess Adora is meant to be an elf/high elf. However in the setting proper Heartland has not met any elves, nor have her allies making them unknown. The reason for her abandonment can be disaster or assassination attempt with her parents living or dead.

For the 'exotic land' repeatedly named in some profiles, I'll use Seiame as a name for now. It can translate to Holy Land ( or Sei and or ame). Note: I do not speak Japanese and I got the translations online, this may be off slightly.

Bags of Holding are common in the setting, but typically used by travelers and militaries, but are too expensive for most people.

The Heartland armed forces are roughly comprised of one third women; men are still the majority. It's a profile for Heartland Girls after all, not Heartland Men. Maybe I'll make that profile someday.

Heartland's military forces are better armed, equipped and trained when compared to Terra's. However Terra has a much larger army, Imps and Darkheart's undead as cannon fodder.

Heartland's and Terra's navies were depleted while fighting for Highwind. At current Heartland has a larger force of higher quality ships while Terra is building both powerful warships and lower quality craft to fill the ranks.

Depending on the RP, the ships may be armed with ballista and catapults or primitive cannons.

Most of Terra's southern villages and towns are oppressed, with rebellions that it needs to stamp down with Hector seeing it as a good way to give his troops fighting experience.

Caucasian based people are the bulk of the population in both Heartland and Terra, called 'white skins'. Japanese based characters are refereed to as 'light skins' and are a minority in both. Other minorities exist and are accepted in Heartland, and enslaved in Terra.

Both Heartland and Terra has a wealth of natural resources. Heartland's population is spread across it's lands while Terra's population is denser in the center of the continent while the north and south have scattered towns and villages.

Heartland's national animal is the great horned owl. Terra's imperial animal is the Terran Wolf, a type of wolf resembling a black and dark brown timber wolf that can weight from 85 to 145 pounds.

Heartland's Palace is protected by a pair of walls; one around the palace itself a second surrounding that. A third wall surrounds Heartland City itself.

Blackblood City has a wall surrounding the island the capital is built on. In addition the palace itself boasts two walls around it, and a massive final keep in the center of the imperial palace. In addition, Fortress Brick is directly across the only bridge to Blackblood City; it must be taken before the bridge can be used by enemy forces.

The large lake outside of Heartland City holds several vessels; military, merchant and civilian. The large river that extends to the ocean can have almost 2 dozen ships sail side by side down the length. It's protected by Goldenport and Fort Victor.

The river leading from the moat of Blackblood City to the Ocean by Fortress Dragon's Maw was expanded with slave labor. The final point before entering the moat itself was filled in to ensure only two ships at a time could sail through. Most merchant vessels stop at Port Breaker to offload; only a handful dock at Blackblood City itself. The sea approach to the capital is protected by Fortress Dragon's Maw, Claw City and Fort Breaker.

The atoll south of Heartland and west of Highwind is known as Blake's Atoll. It is considered under Heartland's jurisdiction and they maintain a small naval base on the southern most island, hidden by a cove and is considered a secret location. Terra is aware they have a base in the region, but they think it's somewhere on the continent to the south.

The island the orcs are native to, located south of Terra and east of Highwind, is called Emerald Island, called such for it's many abundant forests. Terra wanted to colonize it as a naval base and training ground, but the local orc populations keep assaulting them. The southern most camp is in particular danger of being overrun, and the orcs have stolen some rowboats. Exactly what they intend to do with them is unknown.

Notable holidays for Heartland Includes...
Crown Day - September 8th: A day to celebrate the founding of the Kingdom. A parade is held in each city and the King and/or Queen will march to the Cathedral of Life in Heartland City for a blessing by the Grand Matron and to speak with some of the subjects.
Freedom Festival - First Sunday of April: A day celebrated mostly by followers of Floress. People who celebrate spend time in a field in the nude. Some towns and cities will allow raps about the hips and breasts for shyer people. The point is to celebrate the coming of spring by feeling the sun and wind upon your skin.
Victory Day - October 11th: A day to respect fallen soldiers and, in recent years, the Fall of Highwind. People will give flowers to on duty guards.
Harvest Day - November 20th: A day to celebrate the year's harvest. Families often hold feasts. Local Life Churches will offer a cup of blessed wine to everyone who comes to them.
Hunter's Night - November 20th: Celebrated in the night and mostly by Rilus followers as a means to give thanks to their lord for good hunts, fishing and livestock. People eat meat of some sort to celebrate and leave at least one piece at their doorstep for any passing beast.
New Year's Festival - December 31st & January 1st: A celebration of a new year's arrival. People stay up through the midnight to honor the year that is now gone,
Blessed Mass - July 12th: Also called Blessmas, it is a celebration of life and birth that was started by followers of Teressa. Mothers are expected to dote on their children on this day and husbands on their wives. A wed woman who is not a mother is expected to lay with her husband in an effort to create life. Unwed women are expected to take the time to find and date men to possibly marry, and is also a popular day for weddings. The King and/or Queen of Heartland as well as Grand Matron are expected to marry at least one couple. Zenith's Temple of Fertility also host orgies in her own way of celebration and some of Life's more... eccentric followers use the day as one of debauchery and lust, much to the Clergy of Life's dismay.
Twilight's Passing - December 1st: A day originally celebrated only by Dealus followers. It was a day to celebrate and honor loved ones who passed on and speak to the dead, usually at their graves. This day is considered holy to them because they think the barrier between the living world and spirit world is at it's thinnest allowing some spirits to return for a short time. They walk with at least one item of clothing in black. Over the past two hundred years it has become popular to celebrate by everyone in Heartland.
Eve of Philosophy - September 7th: A day held by Osin followers on the day before they believe that Osin gave the concept of knowledge, philosophy and debate to the people. The celebrators will go to a library in their town or city to debate other followers. If there is no library then they will gather near a town center.
Heart Festival - Second Week of March: Also called Heartfest, a day to celebrate the strength and honor of the kingdom. People go to a local bar, pub or inn to drink beer, ale, mead, whiskey and wine at least one night, preferably all. Founded five hundred years ago, it took four hundred years for the crown to figure out how it came about; a series of whiskey makers thought it was a good way to make a local holiday to sell more drinks. Starting in Whitedawn the idea traversed the Kingdom. Some say even Terra took the ideas, but renamed it Blood Festival.
Day of Maidens - February 4th: A day in which unmarried maidens offer kisses and hugs to single men. Created by the Church of Life as a means to encourage people to romance, wed and produce offspring.
Day of Fertility - February 4th: Zenith's take on the Day of Maidens where the Temple of Fertility promotes women to offer their bodies as a means to produce more life for the cause. Once more the temple host orgies, as well as other eccentrics. Some people of Goldenport, Silverblade City and Champion City as well as many towns around the area will often have people traverse to a field outside the city/town and host a large orgy, usually not doing the same on Blessed Mass out of respect. Once more, the Church of Life finds these practices to be a perversion of their teachings.
Water Festival - June 18th: A day for swimming in local lakes, rivers, ponds or the ocean. A way of celebrating liquid of life and let people enjoy themselves.
Day of Gentlemen - August 25th: A day for single men. Most men who can will gather near a town square, church or town hall while wearing a wrap of blue cloth on their head. Single women are expect to approach them and offer them a kiss and hug before offering to walk and speak with them. Thus far Zenith has not made a counterpart to this day.
Song Festival - Third Week of May: A week dedicated to music, song and dance. Musicians will often find a street corner or other location to play their instruments or sing. Many concert halls will not change as much during this week.