Map of the Alder and Terran Continents

The Silver Winds were formed four years ago by Jasmine Holt, a thief from Goldenport. She started a small ring of female thieves before hitting upon the idea of expanding their operations.

Using sex as a way to get funds and recruit men she formed her bandit clan. The Silver Winds offer their female members as incentive to perform well. Do a good job, sleep with a beauty. Even those who don't excel still get to use the women they kidnap and capture. They rob goods on the road, but are engaged in drug trading and training and selling sex slaves to the west. Despite their ways they are not fans of Terra and will actively sabotage their efforts when crossed.

Today the Silver Winds are the second largest clan in Heartland, and the one with the highest amount of women. They found an underground tomb from a civilization unknown and use it as their headquarters, located between Earthbound and Silverblade Cities.

Name: Jasmine Holt
Class: Bandit Mistress
Age: 23
Height: 5'3
Orientation: Bi-Sexual, Lean
Position: Dom

Known as Jasmine the Knife, she founded and leads the bandit clan known as The Silver Wind. She enjoys raping women as much as her male counterparts. She was born in Goldenport in the slums before joining a Thieves Guild when she was ten and abandoned by her mother. When she was thirteen the local guard raided the Guild, arresting nearly everyone who she was friends with and many who raised her. Turning to prostitution she and a small number of girls banded together to protect themselves.

As time went on she taught them the ways of the thief and they went on a crime spree before starting the Silver Winds. Today she rules over the operation with a velvet first and iron will.

In a fight Jasmine herself is a deadly foe; swift as the wind and striking with a pair of curved daggers, enchanted with the power of lightning and called the Thunder Wasps. With these she is able to take down larger, better armored men.

Name: Haylee Sunrose
Class: Striker
Age: 21
Height: 5'6
Orientation: Bi-Sexual, Lean
Position: Equal to Dom

One half of a set of twins, and one of Jasmine's second in commands, Haylee is Jasmine's enforcer. If someone needs to die, or be disciplined Haylee is sent. One of Jasmine's friends who escaped the guild crackdown she stole a noble's stash of magical weapons. She gave the Thunder Wasps to Jasmine, but kept a katana for herself that she's named Shimmer Strike, an exotic blade that lets her teleport short distances.

She tends to be blunt and to the point while dealing with people and can't sing or dance, but enjoys a good lay like every other girl in the Silver Winds.

Name: Kaylee Sunrose
Class: Recruiter
Age: 21
Height: 5'6
Orientation: Bi-Sexual, Lean
Position: Sub to Dom

Haylee's twin sister and the other second in command of the Silver Winds, Kaylee's primary job is recruitment. She moves from city to city and town to town, watching the slums and workers anytime an economy starts to slump and sells her pitch to bring in warriors. At times she'll even poach members of other bandit clans, notably the Black Moon Raiders.

While she carries a sword with her she doesn't have her sister's skill in combat. She does have a ring that her sister found while robbing a noble that let's her turn invisible. Her skill set mostly includes singing, dancing, painting and playing a flute. She'll apply all of them to recruit members or to even slip into parties and events to spy for her mistress.

Given the Silver Wind's methods of recruitment she is very sexually active and has been called a slut so often it no longer really bothers her. Fast with humor and a smile, she is the foot forwards that the Silver Winds puts out.

Name: Sami Wildflower
Class: Lookout
Age: 24
Height: 5'7
Orientation: Bi-Sexual, Lean
Position: Equal

A plain woman from a town near Fort Blaine, her family hit hard times during an unexpected dip in game to hunt and a heavy crop failure. Despite their best efforts they were unable to recover and one of the local minor nobles took her family land. Her father became a lumberjack and her mother a waitress at a pub, but the economic security was gone.

It was around that time she was recruited by Kaylee Sunrose as a lookout. She would pose as a hunter and watch out for patrolling troops and warn the Silver Winds. Sometimes she would need to offer distraction to the men (And sometimes women), most of whom were willing to accept; many suffering from an abundance of work and patrol and a lack of companionship.

She is curious and kind and isn't interested in certain... spoils like her fellow Silver Winds, but doesn't seem to begrudge them. And even has a few partners of her own.

All in the life...

Name: Irene Coxwell
Class: Brothel Madame
Age: 31
Height: 5'11
Orientation: Bi-Sexual, Lean
Position: Equal To Dom

As a means to drum up more funds The Silver Winds, early in their formation, invested in a brothel. Located on the outskirts of Heartland City the White House, as it's called, is a three story building built to house the whores who work there, and allow them to do their work in peace. As well as a place to employ armed guards to ensure the safety of the workers.

Irene runs the brothel and is a member of the Silver Winds, although not a public one. Unknown to most the walls of the White House has hidden passages, allowing someone to walk, unseen, next to any room to eavesdrop on conversations, picking up useful information.

Caravan routes, changes in guard patrols, where something or someone is being held and more. All information that a bandit clan can use. In addition some of her whores are on the take and are willing to get their 'favorite' clients talking.

Irene herself seems to prefer women in bed, but won't turn down a decent man. And might whore herself out. For the right price.