Map of the Alder and Terran Continents

Formed by a union of Henry McLawson's Black Raiders and Kurtis Blade's Moon Raiders the united clan is the largest in Heartland and is, arguably, the most active threat. Their main base is in a forgotten fort, deep in the forests northwest of Hightower City with other camps spread out from north-northeast of Fort Defender to caverns northwest of Earthbound city.

They accept most anyone into the clan, usually after a brutal entrance ritual where they are severally beaten. They focus mostly on raiding trading goods moving between cities and towns and will raid the odd village.

Name: Henry McLawson
Class: Bandit Leader
Age: 38
Height: 6'5
Orientation: Straight
Position: Dom

Henry was once a Knight of Heartland before he was passed up for a promotion. He attempted to poison the woman who received it, but was caught in the act. Before he could be executed he was set free by an odd man who helped him escape to the west. The man gave him a large amount of funds and supplies with which he founded the Black Raiders. At the end of the year he merged his band with another clan, the Moon Raiders forming the united Black Moon Raiders.

After a few days Henry emerged as the ultimate leader, his military expertise and knowledge of Heartland's training regime making him the best choice for the position.

While blinded by hate he is no fool, he's very aware that his benefactors are servants of The Empire of Terra. He doesn't care. He just wants power, any way he can get it. And with the largest bandit clan in Heartland, he just might get it...

Name: Kurtis Blade
Class: Savage
Age: 30
Height: 6'2
Orientation: Straight
Position: Dom

Kurtis wound up in control of the Moon Raiders when the former leader was killed in a raid-gone-bad. Taking what men he had left he rebuilt and moved to raid the trade routes again. While he had the strength and brutality to lead, he was a headstrong 'charge first ask questions whenever' person, ill suited to tactics. When he and Henry joined forces he let Henry be the leader, with himself as the second in command.

Which suits him just fine; now he can run at his enemies and cut them apart without having to worry about thinking. He hates that.

Name: Wilbert Walker
Class: Highwayman
Age: 17
Height: 5'11
Orientation: Bi-Sexual, Lean
Position: Equal to Dom

Orphaned as a baby he was raised by a group of monks who taught him combat in both hand to hand and with a pair of hooked swords while instilling lessons into him. But when he left them at age fourteen to find his way he found two bandits raping a woman. He moved to intervene until one of the bandits offered him a turn with the unwilling woman...

Having seen few women, let alone a nude one, he was interested and despite his better judgment rutted her.

He was hooked.

Now he lives to have sex with women; willing or not. He joined the Black Moon Raiders for the opportunity to take women and get coin to woo women. Cocky, brash and skilled he is an excellent addition to the Black Moon Raider's elite.